Guidelines for Authors


The journal publishes papers referring to the academic field and professional of the various areas of psychology and is aimed at professionals and researchers in the behavioral sciences. Aims to contribute to the dissemination of the scientific production of the psychologists, providing greater visibility; thus seeking to constitute as an important source of consultation. Articles are accepted in English and Spanish.

Manuscripts should be sent to the platform OJS enclosing the corresponding tabs only in Word format doc. docx, strictly in accordance with the rules of publication of the American Psychological Association 6° English Edition 3ra version in Spanish. The tables and figures should be included at the end of the manuscript, one per page and should indicate the order correlative and its location in the manuscript. The content of the manuscript will have a maximum of five tables and/or five figures.

The manuscripts that are sent for publication may be:

  •  Original articles: provide a completed research information (include empirical, instrumental studies and metaanaliticos). Studies that reported secondary data analyses, provided they reflect results not included or considered in other publications are also considered. The development of the manuscript must keep the following order: introduction, method, results, discussion and references (include annexes if the case). The maximum length is 8000 words.
  • Short original articles: includes report of preliminary results of investigations in process treated in depth. The maximum length is 2500 words.
  • Methodological articles: providing new input on approaches, updates or modifications of methods and techniques are quantitative, qualitative or mixed, and statistical programs. The generic of this type of article structure should contain the problem statement, the description of the procedure, one or more developed examples, and final comments. The maximum length is 8000 words.
  • Theoretical articles: presented a new theory, analyze an existing, contrasting the limitations or advantages of a theory with respect to another. Its structure is flexible according to the author, it is suggested: introduction (begins the approach to the problem and relevant aspects that the author points), theme development (paragraphs that allow a better visualization of the subject are considered), (verification of the ideas treated) discussion, conclusions and references: maximum length of 10000 words.
  • Letter to the editor: contribute to the scientific discussion of a specific topic. It contains critical analysis of any article published in the journal with a maximum age of two numbers. It is suggested a maximum length of 1000 words and 10 references.


Format of the manuscripts


The file extension must not exceed the number of words indicated for each type of article, excluding title, abstract, keywords, references and annexs, which represents between 20 to 25 pages, A4 sheet, Times New Roman Font 12 1.5 spacing, margins of 2.5 cm, aligned to the left.

In the first sheet should be included the manuscript title and summary in English and Spanish (between 150 to 200 words) and key words (spanish and english) between 4 and 6. The authors should indicate the name, affiliation and email as you want it to appear in the article. In the following sheet the content of the manuscript.

In the following pages includes the full text appropriate to the type of manuscript chosen. It includes the introduction, methods, results, discussion and references (depending on the type of manuscript chosen).

Tables and figures should be developed according to the rules APA 6° English Edition 3° in Spanish at the end of the text indicating consecutively its location, one for each sheet.

If the working material is subject to copyright, it is the responsibility of the author(s) to declare it to the manuscript.