LIBERABIT subscribes the ethical principles on publication and research established by the scientific community, which can be reviewed at the following addresses:

American Psychological Association Ethical Principles:

Code of conduct and best practice guidelines for journal editors (March 2011):

We highlight the following considerations: 

1. Responsibilities of the authors:

  • Relevant participation in the research.
  • Avoidance of plagiarism or fraudulent information.
  • Acceptance of article peer review.
  • Explicit mention of the consent by participants in the research.

The violation of the ethical norms of publication will give place to following sanctions, which are detailed according to severity order:

  • A letter addressed to the authors explaining where there appears to be a genuine misunderstanding of principles.
  • Publication of a notice of redundant publication or plagiarism.
  • An editorial giving full details of the misconduct.
  • Refusal to accept future submissions from the individual, or responsible institution for the misconduct, for a stated period.
  • Formal withdrawal of the paper from the scientific literature, informing other editors and the indexing authorities responsables of the indexation.
  • Reporting the case to the Scientific Community, or other such authority or organisation which can investigate and act with due process.

 2. Responsibilities of reviewers:

  • Review papers confidentially.
  • Review papers objectively.
  • Provide, if applicable, not cited information.

3. Responsibilities of the editors:

  • Only accept relevant and adjusted jobs to the rules laid down.
  • Have no conflict of interest.
  • Preserve the anonymity of reviewers.