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We are pleased to share with the national and international academic community the second issue of volume 27 of Liberabit, Peruvian Journal of Psychology.

This issue consists of six articles, which we will briefly describe hereinbelow. First, we present the study conducted by David Pascual Olivo Chang, Cecilia Chau Pérez-Aranibar, Fiorella Otiniano Campos and Silvana Melissa Romero Saletti. They report that the adaptation of the marijuana subscale of the Drug Use Resistance Self-Efficacy (DURSE) scale among Peruvian adolescents has adequate internal validity properties based on its internal structure, as well as high reliability, to measure the self-efficacy for marijuana use resistance in future research. Concerning the participants’ sex, scalar but not metric invariance was found. Likewise, higher levels of self-efficacy were shown among those who had not used marijuana, had no intention of trying it and refused marijuana offers. Second, the report by Ricardo Galguera Rosales, Alejandra Pedraza Herrera, Alberto de la Rosa Herrera, Edgar Rocha Hernández and Héctor Octavio Silva Victoria evaluates the effect of different harm distributions and amounts regarding the choice of harming others or not among Mexican university students. They found that there is a differential effect between the distributions and a tendency towards reciprocity between the harm received and the harm committed when the harm is proportional to its amount. When a harmful behavior emerges, the person who harms others, the score, the moment and the harmed person can be identified.


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