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Liberabit, Peruvian Journal of Psychology shares with the national and international academic community the present volume made up of six research articles: four empirical and two theoretical.

First, Gutemberg de Sousa Lima Filho, Jéssica Gomes de Alcântara, Mateus Egilson da Silva Alves, Ludgleydson Fernandes de Araújo, Evair Mendes da Silva Sousa, Igor Eduardo de Lima Bezerra and Maria Fernanda Lima Silva carried out a study on the social representations of LGTB old age, considering the social understanding of old age, stigma of genders and sexual orientations, as well as physical transformations and obstacles. They reported that social representations are associated with difficulties people have with aging in society and debating LGTB old age, being such difficulties greater in female sex workers. Second, we present the study conducted by Alfonso Elías-Risco and Gina Chávez-Ventura on the efficacy of a biographical-professional program, which aims to reduce sexual risk behaviors in men who have sex with men. The authors found that the program reduces the sexual risk behaviors of the participants; however, in those who suffer from a sexually transmitted disease, such behaviors decrease but do not disappear.


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